Web Development Tutoring – 1 Month Update

Considering how much time I spend online, you would think I would have considered this option. But no, I heard about online tutoring and Wyzant on an episode of Side Hustle School.

I learned quite a bit in my first month from teaching others. Of course I could just look this up and use it, but having to also explain it to someone forces a certain internalization of the concepts.

  • JS/jQuery – I have used these before, but now I can truly now say I “know” them 😉
    • $.getJSON
    • $.each
    • JSON Objects
  • I was less familiar with these, but tutoring forced me to learn more and actually use it.
    • Canvas & SVG
    • Angular
    • TypeScript and ES6
  • Others
    • Integrating MVC with Gmail
    • Regular Expressions – Though I can use it, explaining some of the concepts to someone else was interesting. Thank you http://regex101.com

Debugger – Pause On Exception

This one just requires its own section. Somehow, I never really used this option in the Browser Developer Tools. Perhaps its because I usually just use JavaScript with jQuery to move around DOM elements; these projects forced me to manipulate data objects and arrays in JS. The trouble with using real data is that sooner or later you will encounter something that does not meet your assumptions. If the data is in a loop, one alternative is to simply step through the loop. A better one is to turn on “Pause on Exception”, this way your loop will stop on the exact object that cause the error and you can check your assumptions.

First month statistics (2/20/2017 – 3/23/2017)

  • 9 Students & 28 Sessions
  • 46 hours of tutoring, averaging about 100 minutes each
  • Majority of the sessions are over JavaScript and HTML

But… What about the money?

If it wasn’t about the money I’d probably just use this time to play League of Legends and browse Reddit. (Warning: Don’t click either link until you are done with the semester)

I wasn’t sure where to set the price at first but I figured I needed my first students and reviews so I started out at $19/hr. Initially Wyzant takes a 40% commission, so the take home rate is $11.40.

My first month average is actually closer to $16.25 because I have adjusted my prices several times.

Considering that I am considered a 1099 contractor, this is certainly not a fair hourly wage for my skill level. I will find a working good working rate, but in the meantime I get to do what I enjoy!